About Jeremy

One listen to the music of Jeremy Bowman and you’ll see why he’s the one to watch!

The Philadelphia native has turned country music on its ear with his fresh sound, great songs and electrifying performances.

One might ask what a Philly Boy, surrounded by classic soul, knows about country music and it’s a fair question. However, a mom who played a wide variety of music in the house and a chance opportunity to see his musical hero, Garth Brooks, at a concert, the question is easily answered. It was then he decided to pick music back up, after running his successful business in a different industry.

“When I saw Garth on stage, I knew I had to go for it. The way he moved the audience resonated with me and I wanted to share my message, too,” Jeremy says. As fate would have it, not only would Brooks inspire Bowman to give his dream an honest shot, but he also got a call out of nowhere that changed his life forever. He got a call from Johnny Garcia, who is Garth’s guitar player and also Trisha Yearwood’s musical director since day one of her career.

Garcia would eventually produce Jeremy’s upcoming release, including the current single called “Stupid Kinda Crazy Love,” which is now impacting radio and streaming services. His band has incredible musicians who’ve played with country music royalty from Dolly, to Reba, to Garth and the list goes on. “This band ROCKS,” Bowman says. “Having guys who have played with most of my heroes is an amazing feeling. We always bring a fun show with a little bit of something for everyone.”

Having dynamite talent supporting him and a strong, soulful voice to deliver his message, Jeremy Bowman is just getting started. And the world better be ready!