About Jeremy

However, the fact that I'm in love with my wife more now than the day we met and I have three wonderful children I would still have made the same decisions I did all of those years ago.  

In the last few years I found myself back at country music, recording new songs and playing out with friends. Although it had been some time, it felt good to get back out there. Then something strange and significant happened. World-renowned producer and guitarist Johnny Garcia (Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood) contacted me out of the blue. He asked me to come down to Nashville to record. 

During this initial call, I wasn’t aware that Johnny worked with Garth and Trisha, so you can imagine my excitement once I found out who he was. Johnny’s belief in me sparked something that made me want to chase this dream again. Along with Johnny and his team of writers we recorded an entire album at the legendary Omni Studios in Nashville. The songwriting and musicianship were top notch -the best I had ever been involved with. I could only hope I could keep up vocally and do these songs justice. 


He likes to ride horses, drive motorcycles, fly small planes. He’s a plumber by trade, an all-American entrepreneur who started his own business when he was still in his early years and has successfully grown it over the years. He values family, good friends, and whiskey. And good country music.


His first experience with country music was when he received front row tickets to a Garth Brooks concert for winning a local singing competition. It’s fitting then, that Bowman’s debut country album, to be released later this year, was produced by none other than Garth Brooks’ lead guitar player, Johnny Garcia..

Although music has always been an important part of Bowman’s life, this album is a rebirth of sorts, a chance for him to get back to the music he loves. 


His first single, Like a Song on the Radio, hit top 100 in the Music Row country music charts. His current single, American Party, is creating a buzz as well.

Recorded at Omni Studios in Nashville, TN, with world-class, A-list musicians and engineers, the album is a funky, soulful flavor of country. The kind of music you can dance to, the kind of music that makes you feel.